During their eight years of existence, Aspire has sought to provide Citrus County youth with the skills and encouragement needed to avoid risky behaviors and unhealthy choices.  The RIVER Project is a school based program that empowers teens to make informed decisions regarding relationships, goals, media influence, communication, dating and sexual health.  Aspire has been supported by a Florida Department of Health grant but must demonstrate local funding support to maintain state funding.  Black Diamond Foundation gave Aspire $10,000 in 2019.  Click for the Aspire web site.


Nature Coast Ministries

Nature Coast Ministries is a faith based 501 (c)(3) charity operating a dental clinic and a food pantry.  The free dental clinic serves poor elderly and veterans, the homeless and individuals from shelters and rehab programs.  In 2018, the dental clinic served 116 patients at a value of $134,000.  They have waiting list of patients and are seeking more volunteer dentists to meet the demand.  They require financial support for supplies and equipment.  In 2019, Black Diamond Foundation provided $10,000 to buy supplies for the free dental clinic.  Nature Coast Ministries web site.